This Family Never Expected To See Their Missing Dog Again — Until The Phone Rang!

Zoey the dog comes home

A lot changes in 12 year’s time, but sometimes it’s the things that don’t change that make all the difference.


For Michelle in Benecia, California, not changing her cell phone number in over a decade meant reuniting with a dog she never thought she’d see again. Back in 2010, Michelle and her family adopted a pair of young Pitbull mixes from the local shelter.

“We got her and her twin sister from the pound when they were six months old, she was with us for about six months,” Michelle explained.

Sadly, one day Michelle went to the store for about 20 minutes. When they returned, Zoey the dog was gone. They searched high and low for her, but she was never found.

Life went on, and Michelle hoped Zoey had found a new home with a loving owner. Then, 12 years later, Michelle received a call on her cell phone. It was Animal Services Officer Brandon Levin with San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department calling to let her know that Zoey had been found!

Someone had dumped the sick and elderly dog at a rural property about 60 miles from where she’d gone missing all those years before. The authorities were called, and the first thing they did was scan Zoey’s microchip. They couldn’t believe it when they saw she’d been missing since 2010! The dog was missing for so long that the microchip had listed her as “deceased” back in 2015.

Officer Levin said Michelle “was in complete shock” when he told her they’d found her dog. They arranged for a meeting in Rio Vista so that Zoey could finally get back home.

“I definitely didn’t expect this to ever happen so I’m really excited,” said Michelle. “I’m excited to hopefully bring her back, get her healthy and let her live the rest of her life.”

It’s so sad that Michelle and her family had to miss out on all those years with Zoey, but we’re glad this old gal will have a comfortable, loving forever home. We hope they get lots more time together to make up for all those lost years.

Watch Michelle see Zoey for the first time in 12 years in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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