Fuel Attendant Gets Surprise Of His Life When Anonymous Customer Buys Him New Car.

When you’re in customer service, you never know who you might run into on the job. Sometimes, these chance encounters can be life-changing!

Bradley Rowe was working at a Safeway fuel station in Astoria, Oregon, about a week before Thanksgiving when a customer pulled in and struck up a conversation.

Bradley often chats with customers as he is filling their tanks, so he thought nothing of telling the stranger that he was saving up to buy a used Ford Explorer.

“He was just asking some questions,” Bradley said. “I’m like, ‘I’m trying to get a car loan.’ He said how much, he asked what lot. I said it was a private sale.”

He explained that he was hoping to get a loan for $2,000 so he could have reliable transportation. The man listened attentively before wishing Bradley well and driving away. Bradley thought that was the last he would hear from the stranger until a local car salesman showed up at the gas station later that day with incredible news!

Bill Ring works at Warrenton Kia, which is about 10 miles from Bradley’s job. That morning, a man had turned up on his lot in search of a specific truck. After they had looked at some options, he confessed the vehicle wasn’t even for him.

When Bill found out the man intended to give the vehicle to someone he’d only had a brief conversation with, he was blown away. “I was like, wow, OK,” Bill said with a laugh. They decided the easiest way to deliver the gift was to have the man write a check to the dealership so Bradley could come pick out a car on his own.

“This should be enough for him to find something good. Something reliable,” the man said as he handed Bill a check for an undisclosed sum. As soon as the payment was cleared at the bank, Bill headed to the gas station to deliver some of the best news of Bradley’s life!

“You really made a good impression on somebody today and somebody’s really going out of their way for you,” he told Bradley. “Here’s my business card, and when you get off work, you get to come pick out a new car.”

Understandably, Bradley was astonished! As soon as he was free, he and his girlfriend went to Bill’s lot and picked out a 2016 Kia Sportage. It’s easily the nicest, newest ride Bradley has ever had, and he can’t stop thanking the stranger who gifted it to him!

“I’ve never had a fob to be able to lock or unlock my car,” he said, showing off his new keys. “The day I picked it up and drove home, the next morning I woke up and immediately went looking for my keys to make sure it was real.”

When Bill asked the generous man why he wanted to buy a car for a perfect stranger, his answer was simple: “He made the comment that everything in his life changed when he found his faith, and now he had the opportunity to give back to somebody who’s in need.”

Bradley is still pinching himself over the man’s unbelievable kindness! What a wonderful way to make a lasting difference in someone’s life!

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