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3 Boys Beg Dad’s Girlfriend To Open Present — Then They Drop To Their Knees.

Parenting boys is no easy feat. With their abundance of energy and mischevious tendencies, mothering boys — especially three boys all close in age — means signing up to have your hands full.

But when Theresa Meagan Johnson fell in love with Steve Lee, she knew he and his three boys were a packaged deal. But Theresa didn’t just put up with the idea, she thoroughly embraced her role in the boys’ lives.

So it only made sense for Steve to give the boys an important job when he decided to ask Theresa to marry him.


In the video below, Steve’s three young sons eagerly beg Theresa to open one of her birthday presents. As she skeptically examines the package (“Is this a trick?”), she’s drowned out by a chorus of, “Just open it! Just open it!”

Theresa does as she’s told, and immediately all three boys drop to their knees and say, in unison: “We give you our daddy.”


But in case the boys’ surprise doesn’t already have you in tears, just wait until you hear their dad’s speech! It certainly has his sons crying.

So this is how the Boys and I asked her to Marry us last night!❤

Posted by Steve Lee on Saturday, October 14, 2017

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