Pregnant Mom Of 6 Boys Freaks After Reveal Is Pink, Then Ellen Pulls Out 2nd Cake For Another Surprise.

You may not know the name Cher Lair, but chances are you've seen her baby's gender reveal video. The mother of six boys found out she was pregnant with a girl, and a video of her reaction went viral for all the right reasons. Cher and Stephen live in Apex, N.C., and had no idea their fun family video would get so much attention. But after nearly 7 million people viewed the video in just one week, Ellen brought Cher and her husband Stephen to the show and offered some surprises of her own! Hearing more about Cher's story, Ellen invited her to attend the 2015 Mother's Day Show, which is one of Ellen's biggest events of the year. Cher had hundreds of hand-me-downs from her sons, but nothing put away for the girl she thought she'd never have. The Mother's Day show set her up with thousands of dollars in much needed clothes, toys and supplies for their incoming daughter. "We have a lot of kids and no spending money. Everything is precious and appreciated," Cher said. Facebook Soon after their appearance on the Ellen show, Cher gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl called Ruby. Right after their interview with Ellen, Cher and her husband reflected on the viral video and it's reaction from the world... and it must be incredibly surreal. "Our friend Andrea posted the video because she thought our friends would want to see it, and maybe some far flung people," Cher explained. "That first night, she's like, ’Six hundred people watched your video,' and I'm like ‘Who?'" Stephen added, "We're still trying to figure out who the other 6,500,000 people are." From her perspective, Cher made out pretty good, and said the best part of all was simply meeting Ellen. "[Ellen] seemed excited about our family, which we're excited about, and she seemed to share in our joy and our excitement about our kids," Cher said. "She was wonderful, sweet, thoughtful." Check out the heartwarming video and Ellen's kind gesture in the video below! Share and spread the goodness.
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