UNC Grad Crosses Stage, Then Breaks Down When She Sees “Tiny Graduate” In Boyfriend’s Arms.

Graduation season is once again in full swing, and college graduates all over the country are donning their robes, receiving their diplomas, and throwing their caps in celebration.

The thought of the future and all of it’s new adventures can be incredibly exciting while simultaneously intimidating and scary. Leaving college means saying goodbye to having all of your close friends and your beloved campus traditions. There are no class schedules to guide your day anymore and the future can be daunting.

Paige Johnson was feeling this way in the weeks leading up to her University of North Carolina graduation. She was having a difficult time accepting that college was over for her after spending four amazing years at her dream school.


Her boyfriend, Owen Helman, knew that she was having a difficult time and wanted to  make her dreams come true during this bittersweet transition period; so he decided to plan a huge surprise that would be waiting for her after she graduated.

Working together with both Paige’s parents and his own, Owen had arranged for a puppy golden retriever named Oliver to be adopted a few weeks leading up to the graduation.


Little Oliver had been living with different family members always remaining hidden so that the surprise couldn’t be ruined.


As Paige made her way to her family and friends at the end of the graduation ceremony, she had no idea that a furry and cuddly surprise was waiting for her. Owen calls out to her, and that’s when Paige locks eyes with the adorable little Oliver. Her excitement and shock are so real that she immediately starts crying from happiness.

“Oliver is the sweetest pup ever and I’m head over (tar)heels for him!” wrote Paige after the initial shock wore off.

“You guys have no idea how hard it was to keep that puppy a secret,” added Owen.

Watch this incredibly heart melting video below, and definitely don’t miss the pup’s adorable graduation cap!

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GRAB THE TISSUES! Paige Johnson, of Winston-Salem, recently graduated from UNC and received a puppy as a graduation gift from her boyfriend, Owen Helman! Her reaction = priceless. Owen just earned himself some brownie points for this one.Video from: Karen Johnson; http://bit.ly/2qFXIZT

Posted by DaVonté McKenith on Wednesday, May 17, 2017