Little Boy Playing With Coca-Cola Bear Mascot Is Just As Cute As You’d Imagine

He might be a bit young to already be drinking soda, but this adorable boy is sure to grow up with a sweet place in his heart for Coca-Cola!


While in Las Vegas, little Rylan and his parents stopped to take a quick picture with the famous Coca-Cola polar bear. What started out as a quick snapshot turned into a joyous playtime because Rylan just couldn’t get enough of the sweet polar bear.

They spent the next 3-minutes mimicking each other, giving hive fives, kisses and even a good old-fashioned bear hug!

The Coca-Cola polar bears became the holiday season face of the brand in 1922, and it’s clearly still a beloved icon.

Here’s the Takeaway: It’s amazing to see how just a small little thing can make a child so happy! Since it’s so easy to do, make sure that you make a child smile over your holiday break!

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