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Mom Hilariously Sums Up What It’s Like To Parent Boys & Millions Agree.

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Raising kids is tough work, so it’s always best to find some humor whenever possible!

Deva Dalporto is a viral content creator who does just that on her Facebook page, MyLifeSuckers. As a wife and mom of two kids, Deva understands the challenges of raising kids better than most. In a recent post, Deva explores the unique experience of raising sons.


Why is raising little boys different than raising little girls? Let us count the ways.

  1. Bodily functions. All day, every day.
  2. Lengthy one-sided conversations about stuff we don’t care about at all, like Minecraft.
  3. Why get a glass when you can drink directly from the milk jug or water faucet?
  4. Can they not aim for the toilet at all? Ever?
  5. Random messes they don’t bother to tell you about. Always a fun surprise!

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We could go on, but we’ll stop now because Deva covered all of these “boy mom” topics and more in her video.

For one thing, most people underestimate the sheer volume of flatulence that occurs in a house where boys live. As Deva demonstrates in the video:


We’re sure there are plenty of little girls who act this way, too, but it seems that every parent of sons has a few stories that could have been lifted right out of this video.

Case in point:


What is it about drinking from the carton that’s so universal?

Deva explains, “Every day I find myself shaking my head in amazement at the things my son does. Why does he drink from the sink faucet instead of a glass? Why does he climb over the fence when there’s a gate two feet away? It drives me insane. But then he kisses me and tells me he loves me and all is forgiven.”


It’s true… the hugs and love DO make up for the constant messes and smelly, balled-up socks that we find everywhere. (Seriously… they’re everywhere.) It’s a good thing these kids are cute.

Watch Deva’s funny new video, which has over 10 million views on Facebook, and don’t forget to share it with another boy mom who will appreciate it!

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