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Little Girl Hears Her Favorite Song Come On In The Car & Is Totally Feeling It.

girl dancing boo'd up

When your jam comes on the radio, you’ve just got to get your groove on!

We all have a favorite song or two, and when you hear those first few notes, it’s hard not to start dancing and singing along. Whether it’s a rousing rock song, a smooth jazz tune, or even just soothing classical composition, there’s something about music that reaches out and grabs our hearts in a very powerful way.

little girl listens to Boo'd Up

If you’ve heard of English R&B songstress Ella Mai, chances are you’ve heard her popular single, “Boo’d Up.” It’s a smooth, rhythmic song highlighted by Mai’s melodic crooning and a simple beat. There’s just something about it that makes you want to close your eyes and let the music wash over you like a warm wave.


In a video that’s poised to go viral, we see an adorable child in her car seat, listening to “Boo’d Up.” It’s unclear whether the little girl knows she’s being recorded or not, but what is clear is that for this child, “Boo’d Up” is life.

At first, it appears as though she’s sleeping, but soon you can see that she’s just got her eyes closed as she savors the sound of her favorite song. As if there’s any doubt that she’s totally feeling this groove, up goes the arm.


Look at that angelic little face. She’s loving this song so much!

Seconds later, she must hear someone chuckling at how engrossed she is, because her eyes fly open and she looks around as if awakened from a glorious dream.


She’s somehow even cuter when she’s been busted getting her groove on! This is one child who truly appreciates music. We wouldn’t be surprised if she goes on to record R&B songs of her own someday.

Watch the whole clip below, and don’t forget to share to put a smile on someone’s face today.

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