Grandma Can’t Stop Boogying Down Grocery Store Aisles When Radio Plays Favorite Song.

The older you get, the less you care what other people think of you.


Whether it’s leaving the house with curlers in your hair or blurting out anything that pops into your head, there’s something to be said for letting loose when you retire. Who cares about pleasing others when you’ve got a happy heart and way fewer responsibilities than you ever had when you were younger?

Case in point: this awesome dancing granny.


Not much is known about the origin of this video, but that didn’t stopped it from going seriously viral online. How could this video not be popular, considering the subject is a grandma who simply can’t stop boogying when a good song comes on the radio?


While other store patrons are busy buying their soft drinks and candy bars, this lady has just grabbed a shopping basket and seems ready to pick up a few items… but first, she’s gotta dance.

What can we say? Stevie Wonder has that effect on some people! The song she’s dancing to is “Part Time Lover,” which makes her sweet, shuffling dance moves somehow even funnier.


Perhaps she’s dancing because the store shelves are fully stocked with wine? Or maybe she’s just a cool lady who can’t resist the urge to groove, whenever and wherever that urge may strike!

At one point, she even kinda-sorta hits on a young man who’s just trying to buy a soda. “Are you my part time lover?” She asks him. All he can do is laugh!


One thing is clear: This is exactly the kind of old lady we should all aspire to be. What a fun-loving human being, just doing her thing. She’s giving us all #AgingGoals!

Watch her impromptu mini-mart dance party below, and don’t forget to share!

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