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Bodybuilding Chef Sets A New Guinness World Record — While Blindfolded.

A blindfolded man slices cucumbers.

Wallace Wong has faced many struggles in life, but he attributes them to helping him appreciate what he’s been given. At just 6 years old, he was diagnosed as obese. To make losing weight easier, he set a goal to join the basketball team at school. By 13, he began losing weight — but life to an unexpected turn just a few years later.

At 17 years old, Wallace was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in his eye. For six months, the teen would endure chemotherapy and radiation (that included his spinal cord) as well as a bone marrow transplant.

“I always say that cancer has been the best thing that ever happened to me,” Wallace said. “When you’ve experienced the thought and feeling of not having a tomorrow, you change your whole mindset. You’re a little more patient; you also look at things in a different perspective: it’s always glass half full, not glass half empty.”

This mentality is what drives Wallace to take on so many amazing challenges. He started with body building, a hobby he loved wholeheartedly no matter if he won or lost the contests he’d enter.

From there, he set his eyes on becoming a professional chef. In doing so, he’s been on several competition shows including “Chopped Canada,” “Fridge Wars,” and “Top Chef Canada.” Most recently, however, he’s taken over TikTok with viral videos of his impressive chopping skills.

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While these videos can be a bit anxiety inducing to some, others can’t help but to be hypnotized by Wallace’s unbelievable speed. After much practice, he decided to put himself to his biggest test yet: a Guinness World Record.

His goal? To set an original record for most slices of cucumbers sliced while blindfolded in 30 seconds. Because no-one else had taken on this challenge, Guinness World Records decided he had to get to at least 100 slices to be awarded the record.

With a bandage already over an injured finger, Wallace gave it his all in front of an audience for the televised talent show “Lo Show dei Record.” Despite any nerves he may have felt, that didn’t stop him from making over five and half slices per second for a total of 166 slices!

After taking home his first record, Wallace is only getting started. He hopes to break the record for most slices of carrots sliced while blindfolded in 30 seconds, a record currently held by Hirouyki Terada.

“Growing up I loved watching shows of various people breaking and setting world records as well as reading them in their annual book,” Wallace wrote in an Instagram caption. “Officially part of history and the first to do it. It’s crazy how life works and that’s the beauty of it.”

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