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“Tough Guy” Opens Chihuahua Sanctuary After Tiny Dog Helps Him Through Depression.

Some of the greatest moments in our lives come out of our darkest seasons.

Bobby Humphreys experienced this while he was struggling with his wife of 17 years leaving him. After falling into a deep depression, he found new hope and purpose in the most surprising way: He fell in love with Chihuahuas.


As Bobby was navigating his new painful reality, he found support in a loyal friend named Connie.

“Connie kept me on this planet,” he wrote on Facebook. “She literally just wouldn’t go away, no matter how much I told her to. She had lost friends to that before and wasn’t going to lose me.”

He felt he owed her for everything she’d done for him. So when she moved into an apartment complex that didn’t allow pets and asked him to take in Lady, her unfriendly Chihuahua, he agreed.


Bobby grew up with larger dogs and wasn’t interested in smaller ones, but he and Lady immediately bonded. Months passed while he fought to get himself out of bed each morning, and Bobby found that “the only thing that made me happy was spending time with Lady.”

Of course, he knew he would eventually have to return Lady to Connie, so he started looking for a pup of his own. That’s how he came to adopt Kira and Harley, who were both in bad shape.

Moreover, Harley had been sold “under false pretenses,” and the process he went through to finish the adoption opened his eyes to how many small dogs are abused and mistreated.


Through these experiences, he discovered his purpose in life: saving the dogs he loves so much! He started a Chihuahua sanctuary called Big Guy, Littles World, through which he has rescued more than 30 animals!

The shelter continues to bring in and rehabilitate pups that have been abused or have mental and physical disabilities. The ultimate goal is to place them in forever homes, but in the meantime, they’re showered with love by Bobby and his team!


Bobby is proof that our darkest times can help us discover what we really value in life! Thank you, Connie and Lady, for helping your friend through so much and for inspiring him to give back others in need.

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