Blind Puppy Meets His Newborn Baby Sister, Creating The Most Heartwarming Moment.

Close up of a woman holding a newborn in her arms. A blind dog sits on the floor next to them and looks up at Mom with big, adorable puppy eyes.

Pets are just extra members of our family, so when a new person joins, it’s highly important that our four-legged friends meet them as soon as possible. Rocky Kanaka, who has a family vlog channel on YouTube called PaWonder, experienced this after bringing home his newborn. When little Capri arrived, she had three friendly dogs to meet: Flip, Zoey, and Kobe. While Rocky was elated for all three of them to meet his daughter, him and his wife were particularly looking forward to their blind puppy Kobe’s reaction to meeting his new (human) sister.


Kobe, an absolutely adorable pup, is blind. Since he has lots of energetic puppy energy, it was important that they slowly and carefully introduced him to the newest member of their family. They did this by first allowing Kobe to get familiar with Capri’s scent through sniffing items that smelled like her. Next, it was time for him to approach Mom while she was holding little Capri.

Kobe was a bit hesitant at first, but once he sniffed Capri’s tiny foot enough, he felt comfortable enough to rest his head on her. This lasted just a brief moment, but it was absolutely heartwarming nonetheless. It already seems like these two will be best friends for life!

Watch Kobe and baby Capri meet in the adorable video below.

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