Blind Goat Suffered From Extreme Anxiety, Then Adorable Duck Costume Changed Everything.

An adorable rescue goat named Polly is melting people’s hearts across the Internet not only because of her touching story but also for the funny costumes she dons. Polly is a rescue goat at Goats of Anarchy in New Jersey. Unfortunately, the cute little goat is blind, she suffers from some neurological issues, and has massive anxiety.

Her owner Leanne Lauricella has struggled to keep Polly calm during her anxiety attacks but this Halloween that all changed. As Lauricella was browsing costumes, she found an adorable kid’s duck costume that she thought would be cute on her goats. When she put the duck costume on Polly, her anxiety was instantly gone.

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“As soon as I put it on her, she just instantly got calm,” Lauricella said.

Lauricella thought it might have been a fluke and tried wrapping her with blankets and sweaters but Polly knew it wasn’t her favorite duck costume.

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“There’s something about that duck costume that calms her. She goes into a little trance. She just closes her eyes and she’s out,” Lauricella said.

Polly’s anxiety hasn’t gone away completely, but anytime she has an anxiety attack, Lauricella puts the duck costume on her and she gets calm.

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“She just calms down and goes to sleep,” Lauricella said. “Instantly. It’s become a thing that she’s known for.”

Polly has a few other costumes that she likes as well, including a pig and a fox.

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The outfits were the only things that were able to calm her down until Lauricella brought home a baby goat named Pocket.

“When Pocket came home, I laid him on [Polly’s] back … and it just calmed her right down and she went to sleep,” Lauricella said. “It was almost like that duck costume. I’ve noticed that anytime he’s lying next to her, she just gets calm. I’ve never seen her do that with another goat here.”

Their interaction has given Lauricella hope that Polly won’t always need the duck costume and that her new found companionship with Pocket will continue to calm her.

“I hope that Pocket becomes her duck suit,” she said.

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We certainly love their adorable friendship!

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