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Bizarre Encounter: Doppelgangers With The Exact Same Names And Hobbies Sit Next To Each Other On Plane

inside of a plane

Imagine, if you will, boarding a plane and meeting someone with the same face, name, and hobbies as you. That happened to two doppelgangers named Mark Garland.

The story began when one Mark Garland, 58, was attempting to take a flight from London’s Heathrow Airport to Bangkok, Thailand. He ran into some trouble while trying to embark because it looked as though he already had.

After some confusion and searching, the staff realized that two Mark Garlands had purchased tickets, and, as luck would have it, they had seats next to each other. So Mark made his way to his spot, ready to share the funny story with his counterpart, and when he came face to face with him, he realized he shared more than a name.

Mark Garland B, who is 62, bore an uncanny resemblance to Mark Garland A, right down to his completely bald head. Both Marks were even fathers of four.

The uncanniness led the doppelgangers down more similar paths. For example, the two live only 15 miles from each other, and they often ride the same busses. They also have a mutual friend. Though, it is strange that the friend never told the other they have a twin.

And it doesn’t stop there. Mark and Mark both love Thailand so much that they’d each been there more than a dozen times.

“We were so shocked by how strange it was,” the 58-year-old Mark told SWNS, per Good News Network. “We both kept laughing and smiling about it. It made me happy.”

“It was crazy,” said the older Mark. “I have never known anything like it.”

Both Marks said they truly enjoyed getting to know their doppelganger, but the older Mark is certain he’s the “better looking” one.

The only major differences the men could find were their ages and heights. Older Mark has a few inches on younger Mark.

The two decided to keep in touch after their flights and said they’d “made a friend for life.”

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