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15 Celebrity Doppelgängers Who Will Leave You Seeing Double

headshot of a woman dressed as wonder woman who looks like gal gadot next to a closeup of the real gal gadot as wonder woman

It’s been said that almost everyone in the world has a look-alike somewhere, but with over 7 billion people in the world, it’s nearly impossible to find them… unless you look like a celebrity!

The Instagram page Same de la Same is full of submissions from followers sharing their own famous look-alikes along with a paragraph giving insight into what it’s like to resemble someone so well-know. There are lots of great ones on their page, but we’ve gathered some of our favorites.

1. Marilyn Monroe.

“I’ve been told by my roommates in college that if I dyed my hair blonde and do her iconic eye makeup that I would have a similar look to Marilyn Monroe,” Instagram user @better_with_golden_age said. “When I did it, it was incredible! People couldn’t believe it. I don’t work as a double but I’m just getting started.â€

2. Keanu Reeves.

“I was first told I look like Keanu as a teenager when Bill & Ted came out,” Instagram user @danielvolovsek said. “Now it’s John Wick I get all the time and get stopped for selfies at work so often that my boss keeps me in the office! Keanu is a top level nice dude and has a great collection of motorcycles so not a bad guy to look like at all.â€

3. Katy Perry.

“It’s such a compliment to be compared to Katy,” Instagram user @francsesca_brown said. “I have always been such a big fan of her so it definitely gives me confidence to be compared to someone I look up to.”

4. Tom Cruise.

“I’ve been doing this for 9 years now,” Instagram user @californiatomcruise said. “It’s been an awesome journey. I do this full time as a job. People really love to take photos with me, even though they know I’m the young version. The nostalgia is a strong feeling, it brings people back in the 80s.”

5. Jennifer Aniston.

“People ask me for pictures and videos all the time,” Instagram user @antonellasmarty said. “I was shooting some educational videos for an NGO about economics and the director stopped filming and said, ‘Omg, you are Jennifer Aniston,’ and stuff like that happens all the time.â€

6. Simon Cowell.

“I was spotted at The Isle of Wight festival in the VIP area and someone mentioned the likeness,” Instagram user @simonc.lookalike said. “Since then had a privilege to work with Simon on 3 occasions, also enjoy being able to help so many worthy charities since this started.”

7. Shakira.

“The public that decides to follow me, values me for the work I do in the stage,” Instagram user @shakibecca said. “They value the singing and the professional dance I perform, but on the day to day they know that I am still Rebeca Maiellano, a Venezuelan singer and impersonator.”

8. Daniel Craig as James Bond.

“It’s great being mistaken for James Bond,” Instagram user @danielcraig0.0.7 said. “I get stopped in the street nearly every time I go out. I have people wanting their photo taken with me. I’ve even had some believing I was him. I love it and will never get fed up with it.”

9. Meghan Markle.

“I’m currently a flight attendant and ever since she was on Suits people would tell me I look like her,” Instagram user @meghanmarklelookalike.us said. “When she married Prince Harry it intensified. People stare at me and smile a lot, they stop and tell me that I look like the new Princess Meghan Markle.”

10. Elton John.

“It’s great fun, a lot of people do a double take which is always funny and appreciated,” Instagram user @eltonlookalike said. “I was at Elton’s concert in Leicester UK a couple of years ago and of course I dressed as Elton and got mobbed by people all night and even had to sign a few autographs.”

11. Mila Kunis.

“In person so many people have said to me ‘you know who you look like?’ and I’ll always already know what they are about to say so I say (Mila Kunis) and then they always say ‘that girl from that 70s show!'” Instagram user @_chexsea_ said.

12. Bryan Canston as Walter White from “Breaking Bad.”

“I neither knew him or the show so it was surprising when people started to stop me on the street to speak with me,” Instagram user @walterwhitewine said. “At first going out in public scared me a little because it attracted a lot of attention, but now I get used to it and I love it. People ask me for photos all the time, it’s amazing.â€

13. Angelina Jolie.

“It’s really cool, because I can bring iconic characters from cinema to ‘real life’ like Laura Croft,” Instagram user @barbaraxmoreno said. “I love it and it’s an honor to be compared to one of the most admired actresses in the world! So now it’s my job and I try so hard to do my best.â€

14. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

“I love cosplaying Wonder Woman and especially doing children hospital visits and charity events,” Instagram user @lis.wonder said. “I love to wear the suit and make others smile when their favorite hero comes to life.â€

15. Mariah Carey.

“In the grocery store once I was walking and a random man just started singing his own little jingle: ‘Mariah up in here up in here. Mariah up in here in Walmart,’” Instagram user @mariahlookalike said. “I’ve been places where people will randomly come up to me because they feel compelled to tell me that I look like Mariah Carey and want to take a selfie with me.â€

Whoa, we can’t imagine what it must be like to resemble a celebrity so much! It sounds like it takes some getting used to, but we’re glad that these doppelgängers are able to have fun with it! Are there any celebrities that you’ve been told you look like?

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