Bittersweet Tears: Woman Meets The Boy Her Late Son Saved Through Organ Donation.

boy saved by organ donation

After losing her young son, Beau Burns, in a tragic accident, Jenny Burns donated his organs to save other families from the pain she felt. Soon after, she came face to face with the baby boy who is alive today because of Beau’s heart.

Jenny and her husband, Rob, lost their son in 2022. In an Instagram post shared on their behalf, Jenny explained that Beau, who was 1 year old, fell into their family pool. Rob pulled him from the water and performed CPR until first responders arrived, and doctors at a local hospital were able to stabilize him.

Beau was sent to the Dallas Children’s Hospital for further treatment, but a week later, he passed away. Jenny shared that her faith was helping her through her grief. And her faith also helped push her to donate Beau’s heart, kidneys, and liver.

“While we are devastated at the loss of our son, we find strength in knowing Beau’s organ donations will provide the miracle of life for families who have been praying for their children to receive such a rare call,” she wrote.

Beau's organ donation

The couple hoped that one day they would meet the children saved by Beau’s donations.

Mother Embraces Young Boy Saved By Her Son’s Organ Donation

Just over a year later, Jenny and Rob were given the chance to meet Eli, the 20-month-old little boy who received Beau’s heart.

The bittersweet day, facilitated by the Southwest Transplant Alliance, was captured on film by social media influencer Aly McDaniel, who was Beau’s aunt. She shared the video on her TikTok page.

Mothers embrace

The heartbreakingly beautiful meeting united both Eli and Beau’s friends and family. It began with tear-filled hugs between both mothers and Eli. Rob also welcomed Eli and his mother with a long embrace.

The families sat and shared stories about the little boys who will be forever connected. Jenny and Rob also had the chance to hear Beau’s heart beating.

Jenny Listening to Beau's heart beating.

“I hear it,” Jenny said through tears. “It’s a very strong heartbeat.”

When the day ended, Jenny asked Eli’s mother to “take good care” of the little boy.

Saying goodbye

Watch the day unfold below.


So much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving! From Jenny & Rob: The decision to donate is an incredibly challenging one, especially when it involves your own child. However, Beau’s life had a profound purpose, and on June 24th, he became a hero to not just one, but three families. The moment we met Eli was absolutely life-changing for us. Thanks to the amazing assistance and support from @swtransplant, Beau’s heart continues to beat, and we couldn’t be prouder of the incredible gift he has given.

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