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Overjoyed Birth Mom Finally Gets To Hug Daughter She Put Up For Adoption 29 Yrs Ago.

mom meets daughter she placed for adoption 29 years earlier.

Some moments really are worth the wait.

Twenty-nine years ago, a young, unnamed woman placed her infant daughter for adoption to give her a better life. She was just 19 years old, and she dreamed of her daughter finding the perfect family to give her everything she couldn’t. She later went on to have four children, but never stopped thinking of the daughter she couldn’t raise.

“Did I have guilt? No. Did I worry? Daily,” she said on TikTok. “I was worried about if she was happy, if she knew that she was loved, but I didn’t feel guilty because I knew that she would have a better life than I could give her as a teenage, single mom.”

After placing the baby girl, Jamee, for adoption, the young mom went on with her life. Only her parents and two siblings knew, and she never told her children. The adoption was closed, and she knew she would never try to find the child… but she hoped her daughter would someday find her.

“From day one I hoped that she would find me,” mom said. “I didn’t want to find her because I wanted it to be her decision. I didn’t want anything forced, but I prayed daily that she would find me.”

She got her wish 29 years later.

Jamee’s mother reached out to Jamee’s birth mother on Facebook, and they arranged a meeting. Allie Seabock, who shared the video of their first meeting on TikTok, says her mother never told her or her siblings about Jamee, but they were all super excited to meet her.

“We grew up our whole lives never knowing that my mom had another baby, Jamee,” Allie said on TikTok. “We didn’t find out until Jamee found my mom. That’s when she felt it was the best time to share the news with us.”

In the video, Jamee and her family arrive and give hugs to all of her new half-siblings. Then, she and her mother share their very first embrace, and the tears are flowing!

Mom later said just knowing that Jamee is healthy, happy, and has a family of her own took a weight off her shoulders. The families still keep in touch five years later!

Watch their emotional reunion in the video below, and be sure to share.

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