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Parents Rally To Support New Dad-To-Be With 15 Joyful Stories About Raising Kids.

Harris Fanaroff tweet about new parent advice

Whether it’s tales of traumatic childbirth, sleepless nights, or the loss of personal identity some say is an inevitable part of welcoming a new infant, there are plenty of negative aspects to bringing home a brand-new baby.

But even though it’s good for potential parents to be aware of all the challenges so they can make an informed decision, the good people of Twitter were quick to point out to father-to-be Harris Fanaroff that there can also be way more joy and love in store for new parents than you could ever imagine.

1. Harris was fed up with hearing the same scary stories, so he asked Twitter to share their “favorite parts of having a newborn/baby/kids.”

2. Lots of parents were eager to share their experiences, and their messages were both supportive and incredibly sweet.

3. Far from warning Harris of the downfalls of parenthood, these messages were all about the everyday joy that comes with watching our children grow.

4. Some offered advice for newbies that also serves as a good reminder to veteran parents.

5. “It’s the best thing in the world” was a common theme.

6. Others shared the small moments that make every day better.

7. Each message was heartfelt and oh-so-relatable.

8. We can practically smell the baby powder!

9. Some were short, sweet, and totally true.

10. “A mega dose of deep love” sounds pretty good to us.

11. Who else wants to hold a baby right now?

12. Excellent advice when it comes to unsolicited horror stories: “ignore it.”

13. Every family is different!

14. You’ll never get this time back, so enjoy every moment.

15. Read that last part again!

Nothing worth doing is easy, right? Parenting is definitely in the running for the toughest job on earth, but it’s worth every bit of stress to bring our special humans into the world.

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