Birds Gone Wild! These 5 Wacky Emu Videos Are The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

funny emus

Emus are unique animals native to Australia. These flightless birds and are the second-largest living bird species in the world! Emus have a distinct appearance with long necks, strong legs, soft feathers, and large charismatic eyes.  


While they’re certainly unique-looking animals, these giant birds also have incredibly interesting behavior. That behavior can even edge into pure hilarity at times! Here are five videos of wacky emus being ridiculous that will absolutely crack you up.

1. I Know You’re A Bird, But Come On!

Window birdfeeders are all the rage these days. However, when you put one on your home you usually expect dainty little bluebirds or finches to alight upon it. That wasn’t quite the case for this poster…

2. Don’t Do It Emanuel! 

If you’ve been on the internet the past few years, there’s a decent chance you’ve come across Emanuel and his antics. This silly emu loves to photobomb his owner’s educational videos. In case you missed it, this is the video that started it all:


Not a day goes by that Emanuel doesn’t try my life #emu #emusoftiktok #farmlife

♬ original sound – Knuckle Bump Farms

3. How To Attract An Emu.

Now I’ll admit, in this video, the emus aren’t exactly the ones being silly per se. However, you’ll still get a laugh out of it so I had to include it. The creator of this video is showing a unique way that Australians can apparently attract the attention of emus. 


Replying to @monooooooooooooooooooo behold! the bicycle trick! this won’t work for emus near tourist towns though because they’ve seen it so many times. I took this video near #AridRecovery in central Aus 🙂 #emu #emutok #straya #bicycletrick #nature #wildlife @UNSW Sydney

♬ original sound – Dr Aly Ross

4. You Know They Can Run, But Have You Actually Seen It?

Sure, in theory running emus doesn’t sound like something that would be hilarious. That theory would be quite incorrect. Emus just look so incredibly derpy when they’re running around. There’s really no way to describe it, you have to see it for yourself.

Silly emu! Zoomies all day! Did you know that although Emus resemble Ostriches, emus have a longer, lower profile and 3 toes on each foot (Ostriches have only 2 toes on each foot). #emuzoomies #emudance #zoomies #funnyanimals #emufacts #lovemyemu #babyemu #christmas #farmfacts #farmlife #girlswhofarm #keneth #hiddenpasturesfarmaurora #farm #partyatthbarnaurora #partyatthebarn

♬ Originalton – petruscomedy 🦖

5. You Thought Running Emus Was Funny? Try Hopping & Rolling!

Of course, emus run around when they get a touch of the zoomies. But when they get really zoomie they take things to another level. With hops and rolls and quick turns, a wacky emu spazzing out is some of the funniest movements you’ll ever see!

I hope these wacky emus put a smile on your face! They certainly brighten my day when I’m feeling down. So many animals have funny little quirks that you’d never anticipate. There’s always something new to learn!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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