Birdie The Golden Retriever Is Very Sorry For Pulling The Fire Alarm At Doggy Daycare.

Birdie the Golden retriever wears sign apologizing for pulling fire alarm at daycare.

Birdie the dog would like to tell the world that she’s sorry. She’s not sure why, but she’s sorry anyway!

Birdie is a 3-year-old golden retriever who burns off her extra energy every Friday at doggy daycare. She’s known at Dogwoods Lodge in Grimes, Iowa as a bit of a goofball who adores belly rubs and regularly “goes nuts.” The moment she arrives, her tail starts wagging and she can’t wait to play with all of her friends.

Dogwoods Lodge owner Jessica Tapper says Birdie is a regular in their “crazy room,” an area reserved for high-energy pups. (Dogs looking for a slower pace can be found in the “lazy room,” naturally.)

“She plays nonstop,” Jessica said.

On one recent Friday, Birdie was so excited to get into the play area that she jumped up on the wall, accidentally hitting the fire alarm. No one knew who had pulled the alarm, until the Johnston-Grimes Metropolitan Fire Department showed up! They took a quick review of the security footage, and Birdie was busted.

The fire department was gracious about the false alarm and took it as an opportunity to visit with some cute dogs.

“Just a false alarm, it happens sometimes,” said firefighter Nick Pearson. “We are happy to go there and see dogs once in a while, so it’s OK.”

Jessica and her team felt badly for wasting their time, so they decided to help Birdie say she’s sorry for interrupting their day with her exuberance. They put a note around her neck addressed to the fire department, took her photo, and uploaded it to their social media pages.

“I’m sorry I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie,” the note read.

“Birdie tested our fire system today and wanted to apologize to her dog friends and the fire dept. 🙂 #johnstongrimesmetrofire,” Dogwoods Lodge captioned the photo.

Jessica says they have already ordered new covers for their fire alarms to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Birdie, however, is making no promises!

No matter how naughty she acts, we could never stay mad at that face! It’s a good thing she’s cute or she’d get in sooo much trouble.

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