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Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Powerful Advice To His Daughter That We Could All Learn From!

Mark Cuban gave his daughter some solid life advice.

When your dad is a billionaire who owns a basketball team, you probably want to take his fatherly advice! Business mogul Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and an investor on “Shark Tank,” recently opened up to GQ about the words of wisdom he’s shared with his eldest daughter. As a sophomore in college, Alexis Cuban has admitted that she’s “not sure” what she wants for her future. His advice to her was simple: “You don’t have to know what you’re going to be.”

“Everybody goes through that process of trying to figure out who they are,” he explained. “What you’ve got to be able to do is be agile and excited about learning to be curious. That’s what’s most important. If you’re curious, and you’re agile, you’ll get there eventually. It might not happen when you want it to, but you’ll get there eventually.”

Mark Cuban gave his daughter some solid life advice.
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That’s a pretty solid life lesson for all of us!

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