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Cops Find 91-Yr-Old Changing Tire After Crash, Hear Where He’s Going & Stop Everything.

bill mountfield

When the British Motorway Cops got a call about a man trying to change his tire after an accident on the highway, they never expected to meet such an inspiring gentleman.

Bill Mountfield had collided with a truck, and though he was 91 years old, he decided to change his own tire. The police were called, and when they showed up, they found the man hard at work – determined to get back on his route to Holland. But when they learned more about him and why he was in such a rush, they were stunned.


Bill’s car was pretty beat up, but he was convinced that all he needed was a new tire. When the cops told him they’d have to bring the car in and get him a new one – and that he’d have to work with his insurance to do this, he was worried he wouldn’t make it to Holland in time.


Bill was headed to meet up with his old parachute regiment. They all served together during World War II and since the veteran had no relatives left – he’d outlived his wife and son – these men were the only family he had.


The policemen knew they had to get Bill back on his way, but they immediately ran into a roadblock. His insurance company wouldn’t pay for a replacement car while his was repaired, and with the veteran being 91, and headed overseas for five weeks, finding a rental would be difficult.


After calling around, they went to a car rerntal company and convinced them in-person that Bill would be a responsible customer.


And it worked!

After spending some time helping Bill load up all of his belongings into the car, including gifts for his friends, they gave him a handshake and sent him on his way.


Bill ended up making it to Holland where he passed away, surrounded by all his dearest friends.

Bless these kind highway cops who took hours out of their day to help a heroic old man get to his destination.

If you’d like to watch the entire encounter, click the video below. Share this beautiful story today.

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