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He Died, Came Back To Life, Got Engaged, & Won The Lotto– Then He Got Even Luckier.

When you think about it, luck is entirely relative. Some might consider finding a good parking spot lucky, while others only count their luck on larger events, such as surviving a near-death experience.

But Australian Bill Morgan will put your luck – and anyone else’s, for that matter – into perspective. In fact, he might be out of luck for the rest of his life when you hear what he went through just a few years back.

When Bill was 37, he probably wouldn’t have considered himself particularly lucky. He worked as a truck driver, lived in a trailer, and dated the same girl he’d been with for years. But one day, everything changed for Bill.

While driving, he was crushed in an accident and suffered a near-fatal heart attack. Miraculously, he survived.


When he arrived at the hospital, though, staff administered a drug that Bill happened to be allergic to. His heart stopped for 14 minutes.

Amazingly, doctors revived him but he remained in a coma. His family was told to take him off of life support, but after 12 days, Bill woke up. They prepared for the worse – memory loss, brain damage. Somehow, Bill was completely fine!

That wasn’t where Bill’s luck ended, though.

After such a traumatic experience, Bill made big changes. He quit his job and asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him. She said yes.


That’s when Bill took his chances at the lottery. (You can see where this is going, right?)

He purchased a scratch-off lotto ticket and won a car!  

An Australian news station heard of Bill’s incredible year of luck and decided to tell his story. They took him back to the store where he bought his ticket and asked him to recreate his win.


As he was scratching his new ticket, his face dropped. “I just won 250,000. I am not joking. I just won 250,000.”



In a year, Bill got in a horrific truck crash, died, came back to life, got engaged, and won the lottery… not once, but twice!


How’s that for luck?

Watch the video below to see Bill’s reaction to winning a life-changing sum of money. Share this for a little bit of luck in your life!

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