Little Boy With Autism & His Older Brother Have The Sweetest Early Morning Routine.

brother helps sibling

Helping others is one of the most important aspects of living a fulfilled life.

Some people are simply born helpful and empathetic, while others make a concerted effort to practice lending a hand to others in order to strengthen their compassion. Marie Jessica, a mom of three from Sandy Springs, Georgia, shared a moving story on Facebook about a young man who regularly goes out of his way to help his little brother Marlo.


As a single mother, Marie counts on her oldest son Yasin to help around the house, including caring for his two younger siblings. Yet Marie doesn’t even have to ask her son for much; he helps Marlo and his sister because he takes pride in his family and wants to help them.

Recently, Marie shared a powerful story of how Yasin helps Marlo, who is on the autism spectrum, with his morning routine.


“My youngest son is Autistic and my oldest get[s] up every morning to wash his face, brush his teeth and to sponge his hair,” Marie wrote on Facebook.

Every day, Marlo stands at the bathroom counter as his big brother tenderly brushes his hair and then shows him how to do it for himself. Just knowing that he does this every single morning without having to be asked really makes us melt!

Thousands of people on Facebook agreed, sharing kind comments about the joys of brotherhood and the stand-up way that Marie is raising her boys. “Such a loving and responsible brother. He will make a fantastic father someday. What a role model!” said one commenter. “He is my kind of human. What a blessing for your younger son,” wrote another.


We couldn’t agree more. Life is so much sweeter when you’ve got a supportive friend or family member by your side, and this is one family that clearly doesn’t lack in love. We hope that these brothers always remain close friends on their journey through life!

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