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Bicyclists On A Mission! Volunteers Travel Across The Country Helping People In Need.

Christian Huff and Ken Huff pose for a photo outside.

With people all across the world in need of better housing, the Fuller Center is on a mission to provide adequate shelter. They have local partners in several countries, including many cities in the United States. Still, it can be difficult to help as many people as they’d like – that’s where the Bicycle Adventurers come in.

Almost two dozen cyclists are on a journey from California to North Carolina. Along the way, they’re in search of community service housing projects. One of their recent stops was in Orem, Utah where they met Christian Huff and his Dad, Ken Huff. Their roof was so damaged that when it rained, large amounts leak inside.

The Huff family couldn’t have been more grateful to be chosen.

“It means a lot,” Ken said. “Actually more than I can even say.”

“It’s a little overwhelming, really,” Christian added. “He’s [Ken] been through a lot.”

Ken was involved in a Civil War reenactment in 1983. Unfortunately, this led to a life-changing accident. While working on a cannon, something went wrong.

“The cannon accidentally misfired on him while he was still loading it,” Christian explained. “It took both of his hands, it took one eye, and it took an eardrum.”

In the face of his struggles, Ken remains to be a positive light to his community. In addition to the Bicycle Adventurers, neighbor Jack Coomer also showed up. He lives across the street and helps the Huff family when he can.

“It’s good to know there’s people out there that care,” Jack said. “They don’t even know him, they show up, they help out, it’s great.”

With about 30 volunteers working on the Huff’s home, they were able to get the place looking brand new in no time!

“We believe everybody deserves a decent place to live,” Ann Coleman, a board member of Salt Lake and Utah County Fuller Center for Housing said. “And how do we make that happen? By bringing community together and helping people get a hand-up. Helping them know that they are loved, seen, and encourage them.”

Both Ken and Christian were absolutely blown away by the results of these volunteers’ hard work.

“You just start wondering, ‘Is there anything left that’s good?’ And then you see this,” Christian said. “This just bolsters my faith in the community, my faith in people, that there is still good in this world.”

“It means all the world to me,” Ken added.

It’s truly incredible the positive impact we can have on the world when we work together.

“It is such a blast,” Ann said of the work the Fuller Center does. “A lot of people want to do good in the world, they just don’t know how. They don’t have the opportunity to … and we make that happen.”

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