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Couple’s “Dirty Dancing” Swing Routine Has Crowd Going Nuts.

Dance styles come and go, but you can rest assured swing dancing will be around for years to come, especially when couples like Bianca Locatelli and Nils Andrén make it look like so much fun!

They travel around the world teaching, competing and performing swing dance routines, winning numerous awards and leaving audiences begging for more.

In case you’re wondering why they leave such a lasting impression, just take a look at their fantastic performance at the “Rock That Swing”festival, held in February at the Deutsches Theater München in Munich, Germany. There are no words to describe this kind of talent!

nils and bianca

Bianca’s been dancing since she was six years old, experimenting with everything from ballet to street dancing before deciding to focus on swing. But Nils was a bit older when he took up dancing, almost by default.

“I tried ice hockey, it’s not my thing. I tried soccer, not my thing … I tried a lot of things,”he said. Around the time he was flailing around, still looking for a hobby, a dance teacher came to his school and got him interested in entering a dance competition, so Nils learned how to dance the boogie woogie, and he ended up winning the competition!

nils and bianca fb photo

The two joined forces in 2013 when Bianca moved to Sweden, and they’ve been entertaining and wowing audiences ever since. Their fan base has increased exponentially since the video of their performance at the Munich festival hit YouTube. It’s set to “Hey! Baby,”the hit song written and recorded by Margaret Cobb and Bruce Channel in 1961, then popularized again by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing.”

Viewers can’t get enough of their routine, and after watching the video yourself, you’ll understand why!


swing dancing comment2


My teenage daughter is now “hooked” on your videos. Just as I do, my daughter loves all the styles of dance from the different eras. I’m now having to go backwards and find all of your past performances throughout the years. Thank you for keeping the love of all styles of dancing alive!


Check out their performance in the video below, and share if it made you feel positively giddy!

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