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Shy 17-Yr-Old Singer Steals Spotlight From Michael Bublé At His Biggest Concert.

A lot can happen in a decade.

When Ben Fagerstedt of Aberdeen, Washington was seven he was a shy kid who could barely make eye contact with others. Years of voice lessons and musical theater experience later and Ben is singing a very different tune. Literally!


Ben, who says his father once took away his X-Box in favor of teaching him classic Rat Pack songs, is now seventeen and was excited to attend his first Michael Bublé concert at the Tacoma Dome. He and his mom even worked together to make a sign, but he says that was really more her handiwork than his. In fact, she chose a rather unflattering photo of Michael for the sign.


Perhaps ironically it was that terrible photo of himself that caught Michael’s attention. During his concerts the singer always hands the mic off to a random audience member and asks them to sing their best “shower song.” Once he spotted Ben holding his funny sign he made a beeline straight for him, mostly to laugh about how bad he looked in the picture!

Taking a seat on the stage, Michael chatted with Ben and shared a few laughs before getting down to the business of singing. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the next American Idol, Ben Fagerstedt,” Michael announced as the audience roared their approval.


Their laughter died away immediately, giving way to excited cheering. Ben chose “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” to sing for Michael, and boy did he ever nail it! It seems that those voice lessons really paid off because Ben has some serious pipes and he knows how to use them.

Perhaps it is his theatrical training that put him at such ease. He seems cool, calm, and collected as he sings for the massive crowd. Michael later tweeted that Tacoma Dome audience was the largest crowd he’s ever had at once of his concerts. Not too shabby, Ben!


Ben really channeled his inner Frank Sinatra with this song, and the response from his community is overwhelming. After he uploaded the video of his performance to his social media pages he received interview offers and tons of praise from the people in his small hometown.


Ben hasn’t decided where he’s going to college next year just yet, but this brief exchange might just open some doors for him. After getting a little taste of the limelight this formerly shy teen is even interested in pursing a career in music. From what we’ve seen he’s got a bright future to look forward to!

Watch Ben singing with Michael Bublé in the video below, and be sure to share.

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