15 Cats That Morphed Into Cool Shapes While Sleeping

Cats are known for many traits, including their cuteness, their cunning, their aloof nature, and their ability to cheer up their humans just by hopping into their laps and purring. One quirk in particular has captured hearts online time and again, and that’s their ability to fit into the strangest, smallest spaces to take a quick nap!

It’s been a true delight to see pictures of cats on glass, cats that seem to be completely boneless, and cats who love to snuggle with other species. Now, take a look at some felines who have unlocked the next level of geometric sleep art — while looking absolutely adorable!

1. They call this the “flying V” formation… probably.


2. Sleeping while smooching — be still our hearts!

3. If they fits, they sits.

4. These three inseparable friends have their own beds, but where’s the fun in that?


5. These kittens have our hearts.

6. Three sleepy kitties, one big heart.

7. This is the cutest two-headed monster we’ve ever seen.

8. Is it nap time or some kind of strange performance art?

9. Your kittens seem to have formed a mysterious symbol when you weren’t looking.

10. “X” marks the spot!

11. All lined up and no place to go.

12. No, that’s not one very long cat. There are two in there, we promise!

13. Very avant-garde! We give them a 10/10.

14. How can this hard metal surface possibly be comfortable?

15. All aboard the sleepy kitten train!

How’s that for a daily dose of cuteness? These sweet feline friends are definitely proving that old Internet theory that “cats are liquid.” Good thing we love them no matter what oddball shape they happen to take!

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