Beekeeper Uses Clever Tactics To Rescue A Small Colony Without A Queen.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a colony of bees on the ground with a hand reaching toward them. Text reads “Their queen was dead.” The second photo shows a woman carefully placing newspaper on top of a bee colony’s home.

While we each can play a part in saving the bees, Erika Thompson of Texas doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. She’s known for sharing her love of bees through videos on social media – we covered a popular one in 2021 when she scooped up a whole swarm that had made their home under an umbrella in someone’s backyard. Point being, she’s made it clear that she’s quite fearless in her work.


In a video Erika shared just four days ago, she can be seen pulling off yet another impressive rescue. Except this time, the situation was more dire. Not only had the colony’s queen died, there were far too few of them to simply be given a new queen. Instead, Erika had to think outside of the box.

Once she was able to move the mourning colony, she needed to introduce them to a larger one so they could merge. But doing this too quickly would be dangerous. Keeping this in mind, she brought them together but divided their “homes” with newspaper. The result? One big, new, happy family!

Watch Erika pull off this clever rescue mission in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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