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Beatboxing! At The Opera: Vocalist Does Both In A 1-Man Band Using Only His Voice.

mohamed belkhir performing for canal+ using a loop station. he’s standing at a table and is using a microphone that he’s holding with one hand. with he other he’s reaching out into the air directly in front of him. behind him is a living room with a brown and yellow color scheme.

Mohamed Belkhir doesn’t need a band – all he needs is his voice.

Going by the stage name MB14, this 28-year-old is taking the music world by storm. He’s a French musician of many talents, some of which were self-taught. He started off with a focus on beatboxing but has since expanded to opera after taking on the role of an opera singer in the film “Tenor.” To prepare, he took operatic singing lessons, something that has helped broaden his scope of work.

“Now I listen to opera almost every day,” Mohamed said. “I don’t want to think of myself as just a beatboxer anymore, it limited me artistically. I want to use all my possibilities so as not to lock myself in a register.”

Using his impressive vocals, Mohamed is able to create his very own orchestra that includes both beatboxing and operatic singing – talk about a unique combo! To make this happen all by himself, he uses a loop station. This allows him to record and play back several layers of his own voice that, together, create a wonderous symphony you’d never guess came from just one person’s mouth.

Watch one of Mohamed’s jaw-dropping performances in the video below, and don’t forget to share his mesmerizing melody with a friend.

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