Bash The Vulture Plays Like A Puppy, And You’ll Never Think Of Vultures The Same!

black vulture and toys

When I think of vultures, I think of scary, spooky birds. Movies always portray them as villains! Bash the Vulture is setting a whole new tone for these birds… he plays like a puppy!


If you’re willing to take a look at these amazing birds with a new perspective, check out these precious clips of this playful vulture! Bash the Vulture is truly incredible. Here are some of his best moments!

1. He loves splashing around, just like a puppy!

2. If given the option between trick or treat… Bash is choosing treat!

3. Bash is one of the few beings left on Earth who likes candy corn.

4. Bash has an artistic side.

5. Bash the Vulture has to cool off, too!

What an amazing bird! I hope these clips of Bash the Vulture reminded you not to judge a book by its cover. Thanks for the reminder, Bash!

The featured images for this post are from Instagram (here and here).

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