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Bartender Is Confused When Woman Orders An “Angel Shot,” Until He Googles It And Rushes To Help.

A woman orders an angel shot from a bartender.

An online video is teaching millions what an “angel shot” is — and how this code phrase can save lives. In a viral video clip, a woman at a bar requests the drink, which the bartender hasn’t heard of. She urges him to look it up instead of simply explaining the concoction. As soon as the bartender reads the definition, he realizes why the woman couldn’t tell him what was in it. An angel shot is actually a discreet cry for help!

It turns out that the woman was being harassed by the man next to her, and she needed someone to call the police. Immediately, the bartender alerted the bouncer to the situation. Within seconds, the bouncer escorted the woman safely outside.

A woman orders an angel shot from a bartender.
Screengrab from @phi0q16/TikTok

Many commenters on the video claim that the moment was staged. While this might be the case, it’s certainly an important lesson for both bartenders and patrons! According to Budget Branders, there are a variety of additional code words you can add to your “angel shot” to request different types of assistance. For example, if you need the bartender to get you a taxi or another form of transportation, you can ask for an “angel shot on ice.” Some venues even post their own codewords in the restroom for customers’ safety.

Watch the video below to see how this woman orders an angel shot.


Scary moment when girl secretly signals bartender for help

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