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Barking 9 To 5! Meet The Most Paw-fessional Dogs To Ever Hold Down A Job.

black lab police dog filing funny report on his computer and a small chihuahua wearing a tuxedo

Some people on the internet like to say, “we don’t deserve dogs,” and we completely agree.

Dogs were domesticated over thousands of years to be companions and helpers for humans. Sometimes, that companionship amounts to just cuddling on the couch while watching television, but other times these animals are given important jobs that can mean the difference between life or death. No matter what the job, these canines work hard every day, and all they ask in return is food, love, and affection. That’s a pretty good deal… if you ask us!

1. This long boy is a very good helper in the mechanic’s shop.

2. He has one job, and he spends the entire ballgame waiting for his moments to shine.

3. This sweet therapy dog helps children feel comfortable so they can testify in court.

4. Coco was taken off the streets as a stray and brought to the Fulton County Animal Services Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The family who adopted her works in entertainment, so now she has a job as a movie star! Here’s Coco in the movie “Prey.”

5. Say hello to Oreo. He works as the official greeter in a menswear shop, so he always looks his best.

6. This handsome fellow is trained to sniff out sea turtle nests to help preserve the species.

7. Newfoundland dogs were originally bred to pull carts and haul nets for fishermen, so these two are the perfect choice to carry your Christmas tree to your car at the tree farm.

8. This smart doggo is trained to alert his diabetic owner when her blood sugar spikes.

9. This empathetic buddy comforts mourners at the funeral home.

10. Great Pyrenees are incredible animals that are capable of staving off wolves from their flock. Turns out, these gentle giants also keep the peace among the sheep!

11. A true hero.

12. Deputy Gage does one of the world’s most dangerous jobs… for tennis balls.

13. This awesome beekeeper dog can detect a disease that’s killing entire hives of honey bees in Australia.

14. Watch this amazing service dog feeding his human her lunch.

15. Why would you ever shop anywhere else?

We are feeling the love for these beautiful, smart working dogs! They really do make our lives so much better.

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