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15 Working Dogs Who Are Furnomenal At Their Jobs

Many dogs are happiest when they’re simply keeping their favorite humans company, but some do best when they have a task to accomplish.

The 15 canines below are among the latter group, and they do such an amazing job that no person could replace them. Not that anyone would want to – these pups make the cutest employees ever!

1. This cutie works as an expert bomb-sniffer at the airport.

2. Wes protects a flock of lambs – and shares the occasional laugh with them.

3. “Max, the fire dog that brings happiness to the firehouse crew!”

4. “My boy Teddy is the official greeter at my store. He comes with his own FAQ.”

5. This precious service pup in training will one day assist a child with autism.

6. “Her name is Aspen and she is the goodest therapy dog! She came in to see my son after his skiing accident.”

7. This diabetes service dog “boops” his mom to let her know when her blood sugar is low and brings her juice!

8. “Average size for an Oregon black truffle is between 1 and 2 ounces. Today Rhu found a perfect 7.0 ounce truffle!”

9. “Bingo, the U.S. Coast Guard explosives detection dog. His helmet includes mounts that can be used for a camera or a light.”

10. These pups in motion capture suits help make animals in video games look more realistic.

11. Introducing the world’s cutest mechanic and toolbox!

12. Hunter the search dog makes sure no one is left behind.

13. Meet Max, the furry mayor of Idyllwild, California.

14. “This dog donated blood to save a pup.”

15. And of course, we’ll never forget the brave search dogs who helped find the survivors of 9/11.

Man’s best friend? More like man’s best coworker! These good boys and girls deserve an extra treat (or two) for everything they do.

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