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10 Clingy Animals Whose Neediness Knows No Bounds

cuddly cat and cuddly parrot

Animals need many things from their humans, including food, water, shelter, and… 24/7 attention.

OK, so maybe they don’t need our attention that much. But according to some animals, that’s not far from the truth. We know because we just found some of the neediest animals around the world. Enjoy their delightful clinginess below!

1. This too-cute-for-words kitten can’t go more than a second without being held without crying for attention.

2. According to this grumpy Labrador, his dad’s eyes must be on him at all times.

3. This determined little dog got the hug he so rightfully deserved.

4. He may just be going to work, but this husky is insulted every time his dad leaves.

5. Three days apart felt like an eternity for this precious pup, making their reunion all the more exciting!

6. The owner of this beautiful blue parrot can run, but she can’t hide for long!

7. “Moooom! I’m right here!”

8. We don’t see a problem here.

9. Class was still in session, but this teacher’s adorable boxer wanted her to end the lesson early.

10. Her cat may be persistent in getting pets, but at least she’s gentle.

As needy as these precious creatures may be, at the end of the day, we find them incredibly endearing! Plus, let’s face it, we humans need our animals just as much as they need us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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