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Dad Confronts 3-Yr-Old About Nail Polish Mess, Her Adorable Fib Has Him Cracking Up!

Girl crying in front of camera

No little kid likes getting in trouble, when they do something that they know is wrong, they’ll think of any excuse to divert the blame. Little 3-year-old Sophia is no different. When Dad catches her painting her Barbie with nail polish, he pulls out the camera for an adorable confrontation.

“Okay so Sophie, you just painted your Barbie with nail polish, right?” asks Dad. Sophia is quick to reply: “Yeah! She told me to!” From there, the argument just gets more and more adorable as Dad tries to get the scoop and reason with his stubborn– yet totally cute– little girl.

“So when Barbie was laying there, Barbie said ‘I’m gonna go ahead and just lay here and you can play with me,’ and then all of a sudden Barbie said ‘Okay, can you paint me with nail polish?'” Dad asks. Sophia is quick to blame Barbie, defending her own innocence: “She said it a hundred times! And I kept saying ‘No!'”

Things get even funnier when Sophia insists that she told Barbie it was a horrible idea, but Barbie simply refused to listen. But it isn’t just Barbie, Sophia tells Dad that all of her dolls beg her to paint their nails! The struggle.

Dad asks Sophia if this is going to happen again, and Sophia’s answer is both hilarious and clever. She promises Dad that she won’t paint inside the house again… But she can’t promise that the dolls won’t ask!

Watch theĀ adorable confrontation below.

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