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Mom Gets Baby Boy’s Unique Birthmark Painted On Face & Films His Sweet Reaction.

While some parents may see an abnormality such as a birthmark as a defect, others see it as proof their baby is just abnormally special and will go on to achieve great things in life.

Such is the case with young Enzo Cestari, a Brazilian boy who has a dark birthmark that stretches across most of his forehead and down one side of his nose. Technically, the condition is known as congenital melanocytic naevi, caused by an overgrowth of pigment cells in the skin.

enzo and parents

He was born last may, and days later, his doctors performed an exploratory surgery to ensure the birthmark was harmless. And even though it was, baby Enzo’s parents, Carolina Giraldelli and João Renato Cestari, had to cope with stares and looks of pity as they went about their daily lives. It wasn’t easy, Carolina says, but “my husband and I act normally and we will always show him as he is.”

smiling enzo

Not only did Carolina accept her son’s birthmark, she came to love it. So much, in fact, she decided to put her money where her mouth is, so to speak.

“I love his birthmark so much that I wanted, at least for a moment, to have that mark on me, too,” she said. So, as Mother’s Day approached, Carolina  got in touch with a makeup artist who agreed to replicate Enzo’s unique mark on her own face!

carolina with makeup

“After the makeup was complete I was very moved because I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world,” said Carolina.


“When I got home, Enzo’s reaction was complete joy — even though he did not completely understand,” she recalled.

Carolina then went off to work, still wearing her birthmark, and took pride in the confusion her new look caused. She remained calm throughout the day, she says, “because I felt like the most proud mother in the world.”

enzo and carolina birthmark

She literally wore that pride for the rest of the day, and even though the makeup eventually had to come off, the way it made her feel, and the strengthened bond she felt with her son while she wore it, “has stayed with me (ever) since.”

What a truly remarkable show of solidarity! Three cheers to this proud mama who wants her son to know she’ll remain by his side through thick and thin and that she loves him just the way he is.

Watch the video below to see Enzo react to Mom’s act of love, and share!