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Professional Dancer Groom Surprises Ballerina Bride With Epic Routine At Reception.

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There’s nothing quite like a well-planned surprise at a wedding. Whether it’s the wedding party surprising the couple, the couple surprising guests, or the newlyweds surprising each other, a good surprise will make an already-fun event even more exciting.

Kirk Henning must have known this secret, because he planned and executed one epic surprise for his bride, Valerie, at their wedding.


Valerie and Kirk met in 2004 at the Richmond Ballet Company, where they were both dancers. Valerie had already been working for the company when Kirk joined, and she was quickly drawn to him. Before long, the two were not only dancing together on stage but also dating in real life.


The pair had their ups and downs and were on-again off-again for several years. But, in 2011 the two dancers got back together for good and were finally engaged in 2014.

Valerie’s “bubbly personality” combined with Kirk’s sense of humor (and his professional dancing skills) set the perfect stage for an amazing surprise at their wedding reception.


According to Kirk, during the wedding planning process he was traveling quite a bit for performances while Valerie stayed back and did a lot of the wedding preparation. He soon realized some of the details Valerie included in the wedding day were meant as little surprises for him, so he decided he’d come up with a surprise of his own.

Kirk recruited his eight groomsmen, four of which were fellow dancers, to join him in a choreographed performance at the reception. The performance included songs by Bruno Mars, Brad Paisley, Britney Spears, and more.


In a video of the performance, Valerie is seen laughing, pointing, and genuinely amazed throughout the dance. She told the Richmond Family Magazine that she was particularly impressed by her own brother’s performance, since he’s not a professional dancer was clearly “out of his comfort zone.”

Valerie later said that she thought she “couldn’t love Kirk more” before the dance, and after seeing all the hard work he put into her surprise she feels like the “luckiest girl in the world.”

We don’t blame her. The performance was truly epic!


Today, the couple enjoy the retired-dancer life. They’ve both accomplished so much as dancers over the years, but that viral wedding video may be one of their biggest achievements.

Check out Kirk’s sweet surprise in the video below – and don’t forget to share!

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