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At 74, “Mickey” Singer Toni Basil Proves That Her Dance Moves Are Still “So Fine.”

toni basil dancing

“Hey Mickey, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!”

Everyone knows the song “Mickey,” Toni Basil’s mega-hit from 1981. When the song first hit the airwaves, people couldn’t get enough of the catchy beat and spunky singer/songwriter. In the official music video, Toni dressed up as a cheerleader and put on an impressive display of athletic dancing, making this song one of the most iconic one-hit wonders in musical history.


After making it big with “Mickey,” Toni Basil chose to take a step out of the limelight and focus on working behind the scenes as a choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker. She has worked alongside Broadway superstars like Bette Midler, whom she also considers one of her best friends.


Bette recently shared a quick video of Toni dancing to Lady Alma’s “It’s House Music (Feel It Mix)” on her Twitter page. “Toni B is 74!” Bette wrote in her tweet. “Get up on your feet and put some joy back into your life!!!â€

The clip instantly blew up with hundreds of retweets and millions of views – no one could believe that Toni is 74 years old and still in such incredible shape!

Throughout her career, there’s one thing Toni never let slip: her physical fitness. Looking at her now, decades after that big #1 hit, Toni still looks as young, fit, and vibrant as she did when she was a peppy twentysomething shaking her pom poms.


As for how she’s managed to stay so youthful over the years, Toni has a  very simple answer: “Exercise is the fountain of youth,” she said. Years of working as a choreographer for Bette, Tina Turner, David Bowie, and The Talking Heads have kept her in shape.


Two years ago, another video of Toni wowing a group of younger dancers surfaced on the web as well. In it, Toni’s feet seem to be working of their own accord as she demonstrates some seriously fancy footwork.


For her part, Toni is grateful for the attention she’s receiving, stating, “It’s really thrilling for me. I think my age next to that video empowers people.”

It sure does, Toni! We can only hope to be this spry when we hit our 70s!

Take a look at Toni doing her thing in the video below, and don’t forget to share to inspire everyone to keep moving to access that “Fountain of Youth!”

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