Man Finally Reunites With His Donkey After Quarantine And Our Hearts Are Melting.

Animals can be a great source of comfort during trying times.

A man in El Borge, Spain, understands this well. He has been separated from his beloved donkey Baldo since the early days of the novel coronavirus pandemic, so when the quarantine order in his town finally lifted, he couldn’t wait to get out to the countryside and see his old friend!


Their sweet reunion was captured on video, and it’s wonderful enough to melt anyone’s heart!

“Baldo!” the man calls out in Spanish. “Hello! What’s up? Hello! Where are you? Where is my little donkey?”

Slowly but surely, Baldo begins climbing the hill toward the sound of his favorite human’s voice. As he approaches his BFF, the man cries, “What’s up? Where have you been? More like, where have I been, right?” 


As he begins scratching Baldo’s head, we can hear that he’s getting choked up. This isolation period has been difficult on all of us, so we can totally relate to his tears of joy and relief!

But he isn’t the only one feeling the love! His beloved burro seems to understand his human’s emotions perfectly. In fact, moments after their initial reunion, Baldo throws back his head and gives a big old donkey bray! It’s as if he’s crying alongside his favorite pal.

“I’ve missed you too, eh?” the man says.


These two friends could not be more adorable! It’s so difficult to be separated from our loved ones, which is why taking the time to appreciate beautiful moments like this one is more important than ever.

Watch the emotional reunion in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend who can relate.

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