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Back To The Wilderness Or Stay With Her Rescuer? This Baby Squirrel Made Her Choice!

Paul with Stella, the squirrel he rescued

When Paul was a child, he and his father rescued a baby squirrel named Suzy. The two bonded over their love of the animal, and it was an experience the boy never forgot.

Decades later, another baby squirrel found her way into Paul’s life, bringing his experience full circle! It all started in 2019 when he was walking by a store and saw a terrified baby squirrel who was being attacked by two birds.

The squirrel had fallen out of its own nest and right into that of a bird’s – and the birds weren’t happy about it. As Paul watched, they knocked the squirrel onto the sidewalk. That was when he knew he had to intervene.

“I tried to put her back near her nest but her mother never took her back,” Paul said. “And after waiting over nine hours, I decided to take her to my place for the night. Tried to go to her nest again the next day but her mother didn’t want her.”

Once at home, Paul realized the squirrel, who he named Stella, seemed uncomfortable. From there, he discovered she was covered in fleas, so he gave her a bath and got her all cleaned up. The change in her demeanor was instantaneous! He called their bond an “instant connection.”

“It was like, me and her were meant to be together,” said Paul.

As time went on, Paul and Stella got closer and closer. He attempted to release her into the wild many times, but she just kept coming back! He soon realized she was choosing to be with him, noting that she can leave at any time through the window he leaves open in his house.

“I was so sure when she would see how it felt to be free that she would just run away,” he said. “But she always comes back to me. Or runs to me if she sees me go too far away from her.”

Since Paul is a disabled United States Marine veteran, he is home most of the time. This gives him ample time to care for a squirrel, an animal that requires a lot of time and attention. He feeds her a combination of healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Her favorite food is avocado, and Paul says she’ll do just about anything for them!

Stella has become a big part of Paul’s life and family. He says everyone who meets her loves her, and she even gets along with his two dogs. He often thinks about Suzy and his dad, and he’s grateful that he was able to rescue Stella like his father did all those years ago.

“I tell everyone that I rescued her, but I can say there are times when I feel that she is the one that rescued me!” said Paul. “The love she gives back to me and her playfulness makes me beyond happy and grateful.”

Paul says living with a squirrel isn’t for everyone, but it definitely works for him! Stella has brought a lot of joy into his life, and it seems she feels the same way! She’s just so grateful that he saved her, and she’ll spend her life saying “thank you” in her own way.

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