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“A Little Help, Here?” These Critters Caught In Sticky Situations Could Use It!

dog stuck on roof gets help from cops, raccoon stuck inside vending machine

Animals have a tendency to follow their noses (and stomachs!) without giving much thought to the consequences.

They simply don’t think things through, often resulting in both wild and domesticated animals getting just a wee bit stuck. When they can’t wriggle their way out of their tight spots, they might require human assistance to get unstuck. It’s a good thing these animals are cute because it’s not always easy getting them out of these jams!

1. That’s not a bird feeder… it’s a squirrel jail cell.

2. Get it together, Bobby! You’re making cats look bad.

tweet says My wife persuaded me to get a cat on the grounds they’re independent and take care of themselves. 

Anyway, here’s a picture of me helping Bobby off the shed roof after he got stuck. Again.

3. We don’t know how (or why) he got in there, but we know how he’s getting out!

4. You know you have a high maintenance pet when you have to cut a hole in a perfectly good wall to free him.

5. Not every open window is an open invitation.

6. That’s one way to meet the local first responders! (Don’t worry, he was rescued and nothing was injured, except his pride!)

7. “Thank goodness you’re home. There was a noise in your closet but I took care of it.”

8. This poor pooch was so traumatized from following the cat onto the roof that he “needed a pep talk before coming back in.

9. They meant to catch a pesky raccoon, but the family dog beat it to the bait.

10. What started as a visit to paradise quickly turned sour.

11. He finally achieved the pinnacle of his climbing career. Now what?

12. He’ll still blame it on his brother, somehow.

13. Look at that face. He regrets nothing!

14. Way to make yourself the “butt” of the joke!

15. Sometimes curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it just embarrasses them thoroughly.

We are always happy to lend animals a helping hand… just as soon as we stop laughing and taking pictures of them while they’re stuck!

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