Baby’s Reaction To Dad’s Snoring Is Too Cute — And Too Relatable!

baby dad snoring

To some, a snoring bedmate is exhausting, and to others, they’re comforting or even a bit annoying. But for this baby, his snoring dad brings out a whole new reaction, and we can’t stop laughing.

A short clip of the months-old baby named Luka was posted on TikTok recently, and it’s getting a huge amount of love because of the hilarious shock he shows when he hears his dad sawing logs.

In the video, the baby is sitting on a bed, and her dad sleeps beside her. She’s smiling and engaging with someone on the other side of the camera. All of a sudden, the dad breaths in his first loud rumble, and the baby goes into a fit of leg kicks and arm waves.

“When you’re trying to run but remember you can’t walk yet,” a commenter joked.

Another added, “Took off and went nowhere.”

“That Scooby-Doo run,” someone laughed.”… wheels spinning but going nowhere.”

Her face falls into an expression of pure amazement, and she looks down at her dad wondering how he managed to make such a sound.

Baby Luka trying to run from his dad's snoring.

When her dad begins another bout of snoring, the baby drops her jaw and side-eyes him. The person recording the video can’t help but laugh.

“Bro was flabbergasted,” someone added.

According to ABC, the tiny internet star and his family live in Slavonia, Croatia. In just over two weeks, his adorable reaction has already warmed the hearts of over 8.5 million viewers.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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