86-Yr-Old Veteran Reunites With Canine Best Friend After She Saves His Life.

During his time in the United States Navy, Rudy Armstrong sailed all around the world for weeks or even months at a time. These days, the 86-year-old veteran leads a quieter life, but one that still allows him to enjoy the water.

Rudy lives on a houseboat that he built himself in Oriental, North Carolina. He’s joined by his best friend, a tiny Chihuahua mix named Boo-Boo.

One day, Rudy was sitting in his living room when he suddenly felt that something was wrong. “I sat down in my chair, drank my coffee, and the next thing I know, it was after lunch,” he told WCTI. “And I couldn’t even get my hand to move and my foot wouldn’t move.”

He knew he was having a stroke, but since he wasn’t able to get up, he couldn’t call for help. That’s when he turned to his canine bestie and looked her dead in the eyes. “OK, Boo-Boo,” he said, “go get me some help.” Without hesitation, she leaped from the houseboat and ran to Kim, the dockmaster. The dog’s desperate barks guided Kim to Rudy, and she immediately called 911.

After five days at CarolinaEast Medical Center, Rudy was more than ready to be reunited with his hero! The rehab clinic arranged for Boo-Boo to come visit, and the pictures are enough to warm our hearts!

“I’ve got tears running out of my eyes,” Rudy said as he stroked the dog’s fur. “Missed her so much, man.”

The rehab center shared Rudy and Boo-Boo’s incredible story and emotional reunion online, and soon their tale went viral!

“We thank him for his service to our country and for allowing us the privilege of caring for him and sharing his story of [Boo-Boo], the miracle pup!” they wrote on Facebook.

Experts have said the average dog can learn about 165 words. It’s a good thing Boo-Boo had the perfect vocabulary and was so in tune with her human! What a great reminder that we’re never too small to save a life!

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