Baby Learning To Crawl Has Wacky Method Of Getting Around — And It’s Not Crawling!

Left frame shows a small child in pumpkin colored clothing. Right frame shows Mom, Dad, and baby.

Crawling is a milestone that all parents look forward to. When a child begins crawling, it is typically a precursor to cruising (moving around upright, holding onto things) and walking. On average, most babies begin crawling between 7 and 12 months old. Parents can also start working with their children to prepare them to crawl.

One of the many things parents can do is have tummy time together. By placing the child on their tummy, you will help your baby develop strength in their neck, head, back, and legs. For their safety, babies should always be supervised during tummy time, which is exactly what this father was doing when his baby did something odd and unexpected.

Tummy time is crucial to childe development. Image shows a father and his daughter practicing tummy time.
Image from TikTok.

As this Dad was trying to help his 7-month-old baby learn to crawl, she decided on a better way to travel. During tummy time, the child flipped onto her back, arched up like a crab, and took off! While using her head for balance, she propelled herself forward (backward?) using her legs. The unique method of transportation appears to be surprisingly effective and speedy. This child proved that there is more than one way to get from point A (Dad) to point B (Mom)!

See for yourself:

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