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13 Hilarious Videos That Proclaim, “I Don’t Have A Favorite Child” (Even When They Do).

All Parents have a favorite child. This shows three "favorite children" in three frames, doing kid things.

Whether you have one child or a dozen, every parent has that “one” they know will be trouble. In a hilarious TikTok trend, parents have begun posting outrageously cute videos showing the escapades of their “problem child.” The hashtag on the trend begins with “I Don’t Have A Favorite Child.” We know that isn’t true. My daughter was an only child, and I had a favorite β€” it was her best friend! Although we laugh about it now, it was my favorite parental joke.

When we discovered this trend, we had to explore the hashtag and could not stop laughing. Kids are always precious, but when you catch them at their best. The entire hashtag is “I Don’t Have A Favorite Child, But When The Cops Show Up I’ll Know Who They’re Looking For.” That pretty much says it all! Enjoy this harvest festival season with some of our finds.

1. Soda, Water Play, And Yes, That Evil Look At The End

This starts innocently enough. Two sisters share a large bottle of soda at the beginning. Then it pans to the smaller sister dumping a pan of water on the deck. After that, she walks away and starts going down the steps, but not without a parting shot.

2. The Fire Is Out… Or Is It?

We have all seen that one fire child. The one favorite child who cannot leave the fire alone. In this video, a young girl is dancing while holding a burning stick. She blows out the fire, but did she really?

3. Clearly, This Is Daddy’s Girl!

When you’re enjoying the music, you just gotta let it all out!

4. It’s Always The Softball Players Who Are The Favorite Child

As kids grow up, they develop special interests. If your kid likes softball, you will totally understand this parent’s trepidation.


Softball weekends. Never a dull moment withh this one !! #6U #softball #softballlife #fyp

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

5. There Is No Holding This Fearless Little One Back

Some kids just lay around like a lump. Other kids climb. Everything. Without a shred of fear.

6. This Fearless Speed Demon Is Going Places!

Like our little climber, this young boy exhibits no fear. He is not backing off the throttle.

7. Long Car Rides Can Be Entertaining

This family appears to be on a long car ride. The favorite child is just chilling in the back seat. But her head-bobbing and facial expressions tell a tale that might not be so serene.

8. Is This Little Ginger Possessed?

This video opens with a favorite child standing beside a bed. Then she smiles. Wickedly.


Just wait til the end, I can not 🀣🀣 she didnt even notice I was watching her slowly become HULK SMASH #sos #foryou #secondchild #2under2 #fyp #viral #trending

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

9. Destined for Rock Stardom?

The microphone is at the ready; this little rocker is giving it her all!


I have to survive raising a mini me. 🀣🩷#momsoftiktok #kidsbelike

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

10. Rough-Riding And Puddle-Splashing For This Favorite Child

This is one of those kids that you can’t look away from for even one second. Mom certainly has her hands full with this little ball of energy!

11. Dancing Up The Steps, Happy To Be On Her Own

This girl is displaying her independence, but not without a little look back and a wave!

12. What Is It With These Ginger Babies?

They do say that redheads have more fun. These kids have us wondering if that is true!

13. This Poor Dad Has Three Kids Vying For That “Favorite” Spot

While playing ball with his favorite child, the daughter, this poor dad’s two boys are running amok in the background. Their antics are hilarious, but Dad remains focused on his pitching.

We hope you enjoyed this foray into the future of the world! Remember, these kids will be working in your nursing home someday, so be kind. Remember to share with all your friends so they can appreciate the future too!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here, here, and here.

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