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baby laughing at reflection in mirror

Baby Can’t Stop Laughing At His Adorable “Twin” In The Mirror.

Is there anything sweeter than the sound of a laughing baby?

Andrew White was unpacking after returning home from vacation, so he placed his adorable six-month-old baby on the floor of his bedroom for a few minutes. The little tot is old enough to sit up by himself, but he wasn’t crawling yet, so he was sitting safely on the floor with his boppy pillow when suddenly, Andrew heard the little guy start to laugh.


Curious, Andrew grabbed his cell phone and started to record. The baby was squealing with delight at something — but what?

As Dad crept down the hall, it became clear that his son was thoroughly enjoying some quality time with…




The baby had discovered his own image in the full-length mirror in Andrew’s bedroom, and he thought that the “other baby” in the mirror was just plain hilarious!


As dad videotapes (and giggles from behind the camera — can you blame him?), the baby continues to admire that handsome little fella in the mirror. He’s completely taken by his new best friend!


This is the sort of video that is just impossible NOT to smile at! It’s just so innocent and pure, it reminds us that joy is everywhere — all we have to do is make an effort to discover it.

And sometimes, it’s right there in the mirror, looking back at us.

Watch the video below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today!

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