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Baby Horse Fails In Adorable Fashion While Trying To Eat Grass.

baby horse

They’ve got long, lanky legs, and they’re not 100% sure how to use them! Baby horses, also known as foals, are an adorable wonder to behold. This particular foal fails adorably when they try to reach the grass at their hooves, but those pesky legs are just too long for them to reach easily!

baby horse reaches for grass

The little one stretches… and stretches… but just can’t quite reach that elusive grass for a nibble. The foal tries to bend their front legs just a little so they can reach the grass underneath them. However, the little one overcalculates. They bend their wobbly front legs just a pinch too much!

adorable foal stumbles

In the cutest fashion possible, their lanky legs fold underneath them, bringing them to a bowing position. With their hind end still up, the foal teeters there for a moment, obviously trying to calculate their next move. Finally, the baby horse plops their rear end onto the ground, rolling slightly in the process. 

baby horse laying down

After a slow, gentle collapse onto the ground (in hilarious fashion), what’s a baby horse to do? Why, what they intended to do in the first place! The foal, entirely unperturbed by their awkward collapse, decides to make the best of their situation by nibbling at the grass while laying down. 

foal nibbles at grass

The really great part is, this awkward and gangly baby horse actually presents a pretty great life lesson. When you fall down, you don’t need to immediately be concerned with leaping back up again. Sometimes the path we take is a bit different than we intended, but we end up right where we needed to be! 

Just let this precious baby horse show you how it’s done!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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