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Mom Of 3 Boys Has Hilariously Epic Reaction To Baby Girl Gender Reveal.

gender reveal baby girl

When a family finds itself having one child after another of a specific gender, it can seem they’ll probably never know what it’s like to raise a child of the opposite sex. But sometimes all that waiting pays off.

Especially for the one parent who’s severely outnumbered, like this mom with three boys, the buildup of anticipation for the gender reveal is probably almost unbearable. The expecting mom gathered her little family in the backyard and even her boys couldn’t contain their excitement.


The boys drummed on the box that held balloons which would reveal the sex of their little sibling.

Understandably, though, Mom was pretty nervous. Would it be another boy? “I don’t know if I’m ready,” she joked before the boys tore into the box.


Once the signal was given, the excited boys started dismantling the strategic wrapping job…


After peeking inside and spotting the pink balloons, one son exclaimed, “It’s a girl!”

The mother thought he was kidding, unable to believe that after three sons, she was finally pregnant with a daughter.


The mom’s excited reaction was priceless, as she fell to her knees in disbelief. It didn’t take long, though, for her to jump up and start sprinting around the yard yelling, “Oh my God!”


It’s a truly magical (and hilarious) moment for the entire family.

Watch Mom’s epic reaction to the news below, and share to spread some smiles to other parents in your life!

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