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Nurse Films Adorable Moment Tiny Newborn Clings To Mom’s Face & Refuses To Let Go.

Going into labor and delivering a baby can be filled with so much uncertainty, but it’s also one of the most magical moments in a mother’s life.

All of the hard work of labor becomes immediately worth it when your newborn enters the world and is placed in your arms. In the United States, though, almost one-third of women deliver their babies via C-section. As a result of the anesthesia, the mothers are unable to move their arms to hold their newborns. Instead, the baby is placed on the mom’s chest or next to her head.

While some people say that the bonding moment after C-sections isn’t as special, one woman’s viral video is proving that nothing could be farther from the truth.

Earlier this year in Brazil, Brenda Coêhlo de Souza went into labor with her daughter Ágata Ribeiro Coêlho.


After being delivered through C-section, Ágata was brought to Brenda so that they could immediately have their special skin-to-skin bonding time.


However, everyone in the operating room was blown away by the incredibly touching experience of Ágata meeting her mother for the first time.


As soon as Ágata was placed on her mother, the sweet newborn put her arm around Brenda’s face in a way that looks as if she is sweetly caressing her mom’s cheek.

Together they stay like this for awhile until Ágata begins to cry out. Without missing a beat Brenda begins to sweetly talk to her new baby girl. Her loving words bring a calm peace over Ágata.


Watching Ágata be comforted by Brenda, a brand-new mom who is already a rockstar in her role, is a testament to the fact that the bonding moments after C-sections are no less special than a natural delivery.

Both Brenda and her baby girl have never seen each other face-to-face, yet they built a bond over nine months that connected them so deeply.

Watch this sweet moment between mother and daughter below and share to spread the love.

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